MOOV has an innovative 4pl solution

MOOV provides users with an innovative 4PL, providing users with customized solutions to meet their business needs. MOOV provides customers with a full range of value-added services, including customization, one-stop sourcing and global distribution. Make sure your product reaches people who want it “faster, better, and affordable.”

4PL service

4 PL Logistics takes the complexity out of your daily supply chain for you, allowing you to focus on your core business. 4 PL is a comprehensive supply chain system that combines all logistics resources and technologies in the entire supply chain, enabling enterprises to respond more effectively to the entire supply chain and demand, thereby maximizing consumer demand, thereby improving Customer satisfaction and enhance supply chain competitiveness.

The MOOV Control Tower

Focusing on the supply chain control tower, MOOV provides a comprehensive full-chain and all-round solution for logistics from purchasing sales orders to logistics solution optimization, and then to sea, land, air, and rail logistics execution, and provides advance shipping notices, sending It also has functions such as cargo data and tracking information, and has visibility of inbound and outbound logistics. On this basis, by analyzing the product structure and demand, a product configuration model based on the MOOV system is established, and the Internet of Things technology is used to improve the efficiency of warehouse management, reduce enterprise costs, and improve customer service levels. Combined with the individual requirements of customers, Develop a corresponding delivery route plan. Build supply chain collaboration capabilities and assist users in fully transparent and refined management of supply chains.

Warehousing Solutions

MOOV provides a one-stop service, including sorting, packaging and delivery services. On this basis, MOOV provides comprehensive additional services such as commodity packaging replacement, commodity quality and appearance inspection. MOOV customizes personalized solutions for users through analysis of user needs. While providing various value-added services, it also saves a lot of costs for enterprises. MOOV offers a range of after-sales services. While providing system management services, it provides users with solutions for managing warehouses using unmanned trucks and other automated machines.

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