Do you know the international logistics delivery process?

Along with the continuous development of science and technology, the transportation convenience, constant the growth of the manufacturing industry in our country, the carriage of goods by countries and between countries become very simple, international logistics, as an indispensable part of world trade, the trade with other countries plays an indelible role, more and more businesses begin to do cross-border trade, then you know what is the international logistics delivery process?

The steps of the logistics operation process are as follows:

  1. Choose the right and correct express carrier.

Consult the freight forwarding company’s quotation, how to pay, where the receiving warehouse, the company’s process, service, timeliness and security issues to ensure that in case of problems can be solved in a timely manner.

  1. Choose the right mode of logistics transportation.

Contact express customer service, customer service will according to the weight of your express goods, volume (length * width * height), arrival country, category and other information, to help you choose the most appropriate, cost-effective mode of transportation, for your reference.

  1. Sort out the generation of hair

Before delivery, you will send the address, name, contact information to your customer service, they will give you fill in the form information, declaration name and customs clearance information. General express companies can also give you free transport consolidation, sorting, photo points and other services.

  1. Warehousing operations.

The goods should be divided into general goods and special goods, and sent to the corresponding airport or port for tallying, weighing, billing, commodity inspection and waiting for warehousing. If the goods fail security here they will not be returned. If the goods pass the security inspection, it means they are in good condition.

  1. Customs clearance, customs clearance and delivery.

Customers can choose a customs broker or entrust a freight forwarder for customs declaration. The goods will be examined, inspected, taxed and then released at the local customs. The goods arrive and are handed over to the delivery agent, who delivers the goods according to the cargo sheet.

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