Did You Choose the Right Logistics Method?Moov Has the Answer for You

In international freight, whether it is the direct choice of the international freight company or the choice of the international logistics organized by the international freight forwarder, it is necessary to make the correct choice of the mode of transportation of the international freight to ensure the timeliness, cost and safety of the international freight.  How to determine the appropriate shipping method? MOOV will answer the questions that you need to focus on when choosing a transportation method for international freight, and hope to help you make a more accurate choice.

International freight transportation cost

In the choice of transportation mode, the first problem to be considered in international logistics is cost. In international trade, the cost is generally calculated on the basis of distance. If the transportation distance is too long, the freight burden will be heavier. Losses due to time delays are often much larger than necessary. Therefore, shortening the transportation distance has become an effective method to reduce costs. And choose MOOV freight forwarding company, you don’t need to worry about the cost, MOOV provides you with the best route, less your cost.

International freight speed

The speed of international logistics is also important. The slow speed will have two effects: on the one hand, the transportation distance is long, it takes more time, and the capital takes a long time. Accelerating the speed is conducive to liberating the occupied funds; on the other hand, the slow speed will miss the good value and reduce the economic benefits. With MOOV, you don’t need to worry about long delays for your goods on the road, MOOV will guarantee the delivery time of your goods.

Characteristics and properties of goods in international freight

The characteristics and attributes of commodities sometimes have a decisive impact on the choice of logistics methods, and are often limited by international logistics methods. Therefore, which logistics method to use for various materials has become one of the most important issues affecting enterprise benefits. For example, the import and export business of bulk commodities such as cement and steel usually needs to be carried out by two different modes of transportation: railway or road, and for cement, petroleum, asphalt, dangerous goods, etc., the selection range is relatively narrow, and aircraft is used to transport cement Obviously wrong.

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