Compared with other freight forwarders, MOOV provides you with customized air freight services

MOOV air cargo transportation provides you with the highest quality logistics services, creates tailor-made solutions for you, provides you with flexible route positions, emergency shipping solutions, adopts self-developed transportation control tower, and monitors the cargo transparently and intuitively throughout the process. flow, to provide you with high-quality and immediate shipping services.

Provide flexible routes

Affected by the new coronavirus, the routes and number of international passenger flights of most freight forwarding companies have been affected, while MOOV air transportation has a variety of routes. After the flight takes off, HNA Cargo strictly controls the flight schedule and transportation route. Customize your own route for you, and flexibly formulate the operation schedule. MOOV provides you with our regular route map, and you will get the distance, flight time and time difference information between the departure and destination.

emergency shipping plan

Air cargo is easily restricted by weather factors. In case of severe weather such as lightning, heavy rain, strong wind, and heavy fog, the flight cannot be effectively guaranteed, which affects the punctuality and normality of air transportation to a certain extent. , which has become the biggest disadvantage of air logistics. However, MOOV can flexibly change the planned route in the face of various emergencies such as extreme weather, so as to ensure the timeliness of the transportation of your goods.

Control tower for transparent freight

The high-efficiency supply chain management system provided by MOOV can make the entire process transparent and have real-time exception management functions to meet the requirements of supply chain logistics management visualization. The system consists of a series of supply chain management processes and tools, using Internet technology Plan the logistics warehousing network, monitor the order execution status, and track the goods in real time, so as to provide end-to-end, visualized supply chain services to enterprises, you don’t have to worry about your goods being lost, the MOOV control tower monitors in real time, You can see the location of the goods at any time.

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