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General Liner Agency for Tailwind in Asia

Liner services between China-EU and South Asia-EU, MOOV provides stable roundtrips by operating 9 vessels as General Liner Agent.

MOOV Tailwind Shipping Lines Solution

  • Fast and direct connection between Asia and Europe.
  • Qingdao will be a port soon.
  • 9 Tailwind vessels sailing between Europe-China and Europe-South Asia on a roundtrip basis.
  • Guaranteed rate stability throughout the year with no surprise surcharges.
  • Guaranteed space and never roll-over: no matter how many container spaces are needed Tailwind will ensure it and will never roll-over cargo.
  • Dedicated transit times and no surprises in schedule.
  • High-flexibility and synergy with local services provided by MOOV and flexibility to negotiate locally to optimize your supply chain.
  • High flexibility with acceptance of different kinds of cargo, including different types of dangerous cargo classes.

Panda Express Service

Express Service between China and Europe

Tiger Express Service

Express Service between Bangladesh and Europe

MOOV Tailwind Shipping Lines Containers

  • ISO Dry Container

3.500 x 20’GP

15.750 x 40’HC

Container with Full Bamboo Floor Covering

  • Reefer Container

300 x 40’RH Container

Thermo King Magnum Plus

Reefer Monitoring 24/7 via Modem

  • 45’PW Container

2.000 x 45’PW Container

Pallet Wide for 33 Euro pallets per Container


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