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Embark on a journey with our comprehensive liner agency services, meticulously crafted to meet your unique requirements. From expertly managing documentation to ensuring efficient port operations and transparent financial reporting, we provide the support you need for smooth sailing. With dedicated customer care, streamlined back-office operations, and proactive claims handling, we’re committed to safeguarding your journey. Let us navigate the complexities while you focus on your destination.

About the MOOV Tailwind Solution 

Through MOOV as a partner with Tailwind Shipping Lines you can experience the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability you deserve in maritime transportation.

China Europe Service – Panda Express  


  • Shenzhen – Koper in just 19 days 
  • Fast and reliable service 
  • Calling  every 14 days 
  • Coverage of major Chinese ports 
  • Less ports of call, less risks 

Bangladesh Europe Service – Tiger Express


  • Fast and reliable service between Bangladesh – Europe
  • Market unique service
  • Few ports only for minimized risk
  • Frequency every 14 days
  • Chattogram – Koper in just 17 days


5,000+ TEU Vessel


1,000+ TEU Vessel


40’HC Containers


20’GP Containers



Why choose the MOOV Tailwind Solution

 High reliability

  • Fast transit times
  • No-show-rate <1%

 High transparency

  • Track & trace available
  • Regular schedule

 Eco-friendly transportation

  • Modern fleet & new equipment
  • Ecofriendly full bamboo flooring

 Lean transportation

  • Few docking ports
  • Fast turnover due to smaller vessels


  • Long-term commitment
  • Capacity guarantees

 Personal support

  • Short communication cycles
  • Experienced employees

Knowledge Center

MOOV Tailwind Knowledge

Tailwind Shipping Lines was founded in 2022, as a subsidiary of Lidl. By using smaller cargo ships that can transport up to 5,000 TEU, the carrier can call at less busy ports near major trading hubs, which facilitates short turnaround times without delays. For Tailwind customers, this means short and reliable transit times for their goods.

The service routes of Tailwind are fixed, but in special circumstances, adjustments will be made according to the actual situation. For example, due to the recent Red Sea incident, the route was adjusted to allow for transit from Colombo through to the Indian Ocean, around the tip of Africa to Barcelona.

MOOV also offers other freight forwarding services that complement the Tailwind solution. Contact us to hear more about our other transport options on ocean, river, rail and truck.

  • Increase Service Level: A fast and reliable supply chain prevents out-of-stock situations and improves order management, ensuring timely deliveries. This elevates the service level by meeting customer expectations consistently, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reduce Inventory: By minimizing the need for large buffer stocks and reducing the amount of stock in transit, a dependable supply chain allows for improved inventory planning. This results in significant cost savings and a more streamlined operation, with resources optimally utilized to meet demand without excess.
  • Improve Trade Finance: Speed and reliability in the supply chain lead to reduced capital commitment and lower interest costs by enabling quicker turnover of goods.

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