Panda Service Expands to Qingdao and Sails Fortnightly

Panda Service Expands to Qingdao and Sails Fortnightly

Hamburg, 1 March 2023


Based on our core principles of reliability, plannability, and punctuality, we are happy to announce that we are expanding our Panda Service (PAX) offering to include Qingdao effective March 23rd, 2023. Proudly, our first call will be with our owned vessel Panda 001 (ex Talassa) fresh from dry-dock.


With the addition of Qingdao, the PAX service will now turn in 70 days with 5 ships providing fixed day fortnightly service to all ports we are serving, easing our customers’ supply chain planning. We are maintaining our best-in-class transit-time from South China to our European gateway of Koper with 19 days transit-time to rival rail alternatives.


Qingdao is a strong and important port/geographic area that when brought into the Panda service will provide our customers a hub-port for North China to bundle cargo from other North China areas and where we can serve inland locations (Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Liaoning etc. provinces) by barge, rail or truck. Pairing this with our tremendous speed to Europe delivers unparalleled logistics service.


Our Panda sailing frequency is effective immediately fortnightly, and we have chartered the Tabea to complement our existing fleet providing this better sailing frequency who will join the service on April 20th. The PAX service rotation is Qingdao, Ningbo (incl. Taicang volumes), Da Chan Bay before proceeding to Koper, and thereafter Barcelona and Rotterdam prior returning to China.


For further service details, please reach out to or to your commercial contact.


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