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Our service through your success

At MOOV we truly believe that your success is our success. Through our long-term approach, we hope to forge partnerships that last and bear fruits for both of us. Read our client cases section for more.

The best examples of the MOOV expertise can be found in our success stories. Over the years, MOOV has worked with different companies from different industries where we have developed numerous solutions tailored to the specific requests and circumstances. The stories of our cooperation with our clients, as described below, provide insight in what MOOV can do for you.

Our Stories

Every supply chain or logistics request is different. At MOOV, we understand the necessity for flexibility and trust. To show how our service can compliment your needs, see our selected stories below, describing the various key services we offer.

  • The third option, the new logistic opportunities via rail
    Read how MOOV’s cooperation with our partner New Silk Way Logistics is changing the world of intercontinental transportation

  • From factory to client, our comprehensive supply chain management system
    Read about the comprehensive MOOV supply chain service we have tailor-made for our clients

  • The digital market place, the rise of the Chinese e-commerce market
    Online is the new Offline. Read about the extent of MOOV e-commerce service through our cooperation with the Vrumona company

  • From nothing to everything, Local distribution and sustainable growth
    Importing your product in China can be difficult, especially with limited resources. Read how MOOV supported the Vostermans business in growing from almost nothing, into a thriving business

  • No stone unturned, our quality control system
    供应链管理的一个常见问题是“中国制造”的质量问题。阅读 MOOV 的质量控制系统如何否定这一假设。




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