Why do customers choose MOOV to cooperate with shipping by sea

As a common shipping method, shipping has the characteristics of low cost and large loading capacity, and is recognized by more and more enterprises. As a company providing shipping agency, MOOV has won the trust of many customers.

Professional business handling ability

MOOV is your partner in global logistics, offering a wide range of freight forwarding services designed to bring efficiency to every link in your supply chain. We work closely with a number of freight service providers to provide carriers with a wealth of resources to choose from. At the same time, we are also committed to establishing a complete information system for you to manage and control customer information to ensure that customers can receive timely and effective guidance. Through our company’s information management platform and our company’s many years of work experience, we can provide you with transportation solutions for the transportation of goods to ensure that the cost of transportation services is minimized.

Multiple routes for free choice

MOOV shipping international freight forwarders know the needs of customers well, not only use a single route to meet the needs of customers, but also open up a number of optional routes, MOOV and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the major ports of Constanta in Romania, the major ports in the Indian subcontinent and China Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen central ports have close and reliable partners to assist customers around the world to deliver their goods.

Real-time tracking of goods

No matter which transportation mode is adopted, many trading companies want to track the cargo situation in real time, which is the concern of many trading companies. As a high-quality import shipping agency, Moov can provide real-time navigation routes for ships, so that customers can view and record the transportation situation in real time, and also know which ship the cargo is on. Moov provides real-time in transit logistics visualization services to eliminate preventable delays and damage, thereby eliminating customers’ concerns about the insecurity of goods.

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