What is the best way to ship goods internationally?

The mode of transportation of international goods is an indispensable part of international trade. China’s import and export goods are exported and imported through the mode of transportation of national goods. The volume of transportation of international trade is large, and the freight is different because of the different means of transportation. According to the different modes of transportation, international cargo transportation is mainly divided into the following modes:

  1. Ocean Shipping

In international freight, ocean transportation is the most important mode of transportation in international trade, and the vast majority of China’s imported goods are transported by ocean transportation.

Compared with other international goods, ocean transportation has the characteristics of large capacity, large transportation volume, low freight cost, strong adaptability to goods, low speed, and high risk of being easily affected by climate and natural conditions. At present, more than two-thirds of the total international trade volume and 90% of my country’s total import and export volume are transported by sea.

  1. Railway transportation

In international freight, railway transportation is one of the main modes of transportation next to ocean transportation in the modern transportation industry. Railway is the main artery of the national economy. It has the characteristics of high accuracy and continuity of railway transportation, fast transportation speed, large transportation volume, low transportation cost, safe and reliable transportation and relatively simple handling of relevant procedures. But the initial investment is large.

  1. Air shipping

Compared with railway transportation, air transportation is a modern mode of transportation. It has the advantages of fast transportation speed, high freight quality, and is not limited by ground conditions, but the price is relatively high. Therefore, it is best for transporting urgently needed supplies, fresh goods, precision instruments and valuables.

  1. Road transportation

Road transportation is a modern mode of transportation, which can not only directly transport or transport foreign trade goods, but also an important means for stations, ports and airports to distribute import and export goods.

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