What are the advantages of international air transportation over international sea transportation?

International air cargo transportation has won a considerable market with its fast, flexible, safe, punctual and efficient. International air transportation can greatly shorten the delivery time, which has played a significant role in optimizing the logistics supply chain and speeding up capital turnover.

The advantages of international air transportation are more obvious than that of sea transportation

  1. Fast delivery by air, strong timeliness, and short transportation period (usually 1 day to 1 week). The timeliness of sea transportation is very poor, and the transportation period is long (usually ranging from 1 week to 2 months).

Since the means of transport used in air cargo is aircraft, this feature is suitable for the needs of some special cargo, such as fresh and perishable goods such as seafood and live animals. Due to the nature of the cargo, this type of cargo has particularly high time requirements and can only be transported by air.

  1. The air transport cycle is short and the capital turnover is fast; while the sea transportis very long, it is often 1 month or more.
  2. The damage rate of air transportation is low, which is conducive to reducing inventory risk.

Air transport is flexible to sales, which is conducive to seizing the rapidly changing business opportunities. Shipping is easy to delay the sale time, increasing the risk of unsalable. Due to the relatively high price of air cargo, the operation process is more stringent than other modes of transport. The damage is greatly reduced. After the cargo is loaded onto the aircraft, it is very difficult to damage the cargo by air. The damage rate of the cargo is low, and the whole cargo transportation is safe.

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