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The warehouse was specifically chosen because of the close proximity to Haicang port, which is where the larger vessels to Europe and America berth.

Warehouse Specifications

  • Our warehouse in Xiamen is 3000 square meters, providing ample room to accommodate a wide range of goods and products. The thoughtfully designed built-in platform spanning 10 meters enhances operational efficiency, facilitating seamless loading and unloading processes. With a generous warehouse height of 11 meters, we ensure optimal vertical utilization of space, allowing for effective storage and organization of inventory.
  • Within this versatile facility, we have allocated an inspection and sorting area spanning 800 square meters. This dedicated space is meticulously organized to streamline the sorting and categorization of items, ensuring swift and accurate order fulfillment. Whether you’re dealing with large-scale shipments or intricate logistics operations, our warehouse’s well-planned layout and features contribute to an enhanced and efficient storage experience.

Main Services

  • Yard Handling Service: Providing open-air loading and unloading, storage, container transportation, and value-added activities for export trade companies, manufacturing enterprises, and various logistics suppliers.
  • Export Warehouse Service: Offering regular consolidated shipments, storage, sorting, labeling, marking, stacking, repackaging, weighing, and more for export goods.
  • We offer operational services for various export goods. Additionally, we provide online product information query services and 24-hour loading and unloading services.

Warehousing Solution in China

State of the art, highly secure and efficient


  • Strategic warehouse location in Shanghai Yangshan
  • 8 warehouses and well equipped with capability of processing 10,000+ PO daily
  • One stop service including customs, CIQ, tax, banks, foreign trade and transport
  • Pick & Pack Solutions for E-commerce
  • Re-packing / Palletizing
  • With European Management
  • Ready to expand further

Knowledge Center

MOOV Warehousing Knowledge

Transfer the cargo ownership from the shipper to your company before moving the cargo out of China

Store cargo in the same distribution hub from and for different destinations, leading to less complicated planning

Avoid higher overseas storage cost

Expedite the procedures of the tax refund

Keep your goods closer to your client without importing them upfront

Expedite the foreign merchandise export delivery time within the free-trade zones

Drivers register upfront via the WeChat system to avoid waiting for cargo unloading.

All the goods are checked and registered in the system through barcode scanning during unloading and putting away.

The location of the cargo will be recorded in detail for easier navigation.

MOOV offers customizable inventory reports based on client requirements.

Specialized software is used to create optimized loading plans.

The drivers register via the WeChat program for container pick-up.

The goods will be automatically removed from the system upon container loading.

Yes, MOOV offers warehouse cargo inspection service, and also tailor-made to your requirements. But we suggest our client arrange for your own quality inspector to check the goods regularly.

Absolutely. MOOV prizes itself with flexible and reliable warehousing across China. Our locations across China ensure that our warehouses are always within feasible ranges. Besides that, MOOV has been working with different industries and areas for many years, and could provide tailor-made to your requirements, including FCL and LCL, quality control, distribution and pick & pack just to name a few.

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