Give Your Goods to Moov, You Can Rest Assured

MOOV offers a variety of tailor-made services capable of solving every problem your business may face. Provide one-stop service to help sellers fully develop the market.

Freight Forwarding

MOOV has extensive experience in multimodal transport between Europe and China. In terms of freight services, moov can support a variety of freight modes such as ocean transportation, truck transportation, rail transportation, and air transportation. Moov guarantees the goods regardless of the quantity and product category of the goods. Safe delivery to the destination, fast timeliness, stable route, no need to worry about the shopping experience of consumers.

MOOV customs clearance service

Customs can face a lot of uncertainty, so it’s important to choose the right customs brokerage and clearance agency. MOOV understands the customs clearance policies of various countries and provides a professional team to solve customs clearance problems for you. Whether you send your shipments to or from the corresponding country or region, MOOV’s experience and technology will help you to complete customs clearance smoothly. In order to meet your import and export requirements We will help you with all necessary formalities, including customs code verification, customs clearance, etc. MOOV’s products include: customs brokers, logistics companies, warehousing services and other related services.

MOOV provides complete customs clearance solutions for global customers, and can customize different solutions according to customer needs. MOOV provides you with smooth international shipping services.

4PL Service

MOOV provides 4PL logistics solutions to support various businesses and better arrange your supply chain. These value-added services include: customized product packaging, inspection and quality inspection, distribution and recycling, etc. MOOV’s services cover almost all fields, flexible selection of logistics solutions between different regions. 4PL Logistics Solutions manages comprehensive supply chain services, allowing you to focus on your business.

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