MOOV will show you what goods trucks can transport

Truck transportation is one of the main ways of foreign trade transportation and domestic goods circulation. It is not only an independent transportation system, but also an important means of material distribution at stations, ports and airports. What kind of cargo is suitable for trucking? MOOV sums it up for you.

Bulky shipping

There are a variety of optional models for road transportation, such as small trucks, large trucks, semi-trailers and other models. You can choose the appropriate model according to the size, weight, volume and type of the goods. Truck transportation can transport large-sized goods, and it can be used to a greater extent. To save costs for customers, it is suitable for the situation where the value of the goods itself is low but the volume is large, which leads to high transportation costs.

Livestock transportation

At present, the transportation of live animals from various places is generally long-distance transportation, and mainly relies on road transportation, especially highways. The dependence on highways is very strong. After all, live animals are living creatures. In addition, it is necessary to maintain air circulation and suitable temperature during the transportation of live animals, so as to ensure that large-scale deaths of live animals do not occur during transportation, so truck transportation is the main way of transportation of live animals.

Transportation of hazardous chemicals

The planning of the dangerous goods logistics network is related to the regional environment and social security, and has a profound impact on the logistics cost and the social and economic benefits of the enterprise. There are various types of hazardous substances, which are chemicals that are toxic, corrosive, explosive, and combustible, and are harmful to humans, facilities, and the environment. The transportation of dangerous goods has very strict environmental requirements. Taking chemicals as an example, high temperature may cause chemicals to volatilize or react, resulting in serious safety accidents. However, various models of road transportation can meet the strict requirements of chemical transportation for the environment and ensure the safety of dangerous goods during transportation.

The above are the trucks that MOOV has summarized for you to transport those goods. If you have truck transportation needs, please contact MOOV.

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