MOOV takes you to understand the goods suitable for sea freight

International shipping is favored by customers who are not in a hurry to deliver goods because of its strong carrying capacity, small transportation restrictions, slow logistics timeliness, and low logistics costs. But what kind of cargo is suitable for sea freight? MOOV will answer for you.

Goods with a relatively large volume

Ocean freight is suitable for transporting heavier commodities, in part because international ocean freight has greater capacity and space to transport more and heavier commodities. The freight of the heavier goods carried by international shipping will be much lower than that of other logistics methods. In real life, people have higher and higher requirements for international shipping services, so the development of international shipping is getting faster and faster, and international shipping services have become an indispensable part of modern international trade. At present, my country is in a period of rapid development of foreign trade. In terms of pricing of international shipping, the heavier cargo usually has a higher price, but when the weight reaches a certain limit, the price of bulk cargo and the price are lower. Because the product is heavier, the cost of other express delivery methods may be higher, so in this case you can choose to ship by sea to save costs.

Goods with no time limit

Although international shipping charges are relatively low, international shipping is currently a logistics method with low transportation efficiency and slow logistics timeliness. This is because international shipping has a certain timeliness. Due to the complex environment of maritime cargo transportation, it often takes a lot of time and energy to complete. Therefore, if the goods have high requirements in terms of logistics timeliness, it is not suitable to use international shipping. On the contrary, sometimes we are not in a hurry to send some items at all, then it is better for us to use sea freight. In short, MOOV reminds you not to send urgently needed goods by sea.

container cargo

Like some industrial products, they are usually packed in containers. If they are shipped by air, it is not easy to travel due to the volume. Therefore, it is more appropriate to travel by sea in this case.

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