MOOV Tailwind Shipping Lines Solution: Streamlining Your Shipping Needs

Shipping goods across borders can be a complex and time-consuming process. As a business owner, you want to ensure that your shipments are handled efficiently and effectively, without any delays or complications. This is where MOOV Tailwind Shipping Lines Solution comes in – a comprehensive shipping liner agency that offers a range of services to help you streamline your shipping needs.



Since 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on global trade, shipping costs have soared significantly, and delays have become the new normal. MOOV introduced shipping liner agency service, as General Liner Agent of Tailwind Shipping Lines, are dedicated to using innovation to build sustainable supply chains that can withstand difficult market conditions, including global pandemics, unethical practices in the shipping line industry or changing consumer demand. Liner services between China-EU and South Asia-EU, we have stable roundtrips by operating 9 vessels.



The key benefits offered by MOOV Tailwind Shipping Lines Solution include:


High booking flexibility: Tailwind booking window opens until ETD-7 days.


Guaranteed space and never roll-over: No matter how many container spaces are needed Tailwind will ensure it and will never roll-over cargo.


Guaranteed equipment availability.


Dedicated transit times and no vague excuses leading to surprises in schedule.


High flexibility with acceptance of any kind of cargo, including different types of dangerous cargo classes.


In conclusion, MOOV Tailwind Shipping Lines Solution is afast and direct connection between China and Europe, Southeast Asia and Europe. . With a range of services and a strong network of partners and agents across these areas , MOOV Tailwind Shipping Lines Solution can ensure that your shipments are handled efficiently and effectively.

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