MOOV Digital Warehousing Solutions

MOOV can realize the centralized and unified management of warehousing materials and the characteristics of informatization, dataization, intelligence and efficiency of warehousing system, which ensures the comprehensive control of material management, the timely and accurate matching of information, and the efficiency of inbound and outbound storage, so as to maximize the use of It is very important for warehousing and logistics enterprises to improve the storage capacity and material turnover efficiency in limited space!

Goods traceability and tracking

With the help of the Internet of Things, big data and other technical means, the whole process of goods warehousing, storage, warehousing, and logistics can be used to open up business data, and provide system tools for intelligent cargo tracking during transportation, so as to accurately obtain in-transit information such as the transportation trajectory of supply raw materials. And it is presented in real time in the form of visualization. In this way, manufacturing enterprises can achieve real-time supervision, control logistics and transportation throughout the process, and achieve the purpose of transparent management and visual tracking of goods.

Warehouse visualization management and control

By correlating with WMS data, it provides a visual information board for goods warehousing, completes the analysis and statistics of the core business data in the warehousing stage, and provides data indicator early warning for management decisions on this basis.

Customer value-added services

Provide value-added services such as real-time inspection and evaluation for the storage volume and storage cycle of warehouse goods. Based on digital warehousing, automatic inventory and inventory management can be realized, and relevant information can be transmitted to the user’s mobile phone in a timely manner, saving a lot of manpower and time costs for enterprises; at the same time, it also improves management efficiency. Through data docking with logistics companies, it provides real-time query of the status of integrated warehousing throughout the cycle.

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