Cooperate with MOOV for easy customs clearance

For any enterprise, “short customs clearance time and low cost” is their pursuit. To achieve this goal, continuous improvement in operational efficiency and streamlining of processes are required to improve competitiveness. MOOV, as a specialist for logistics providers in China and Europe, leverages our customs brokerage business and expertise to reduce complexity and provide peace of mind for import and export customs clearance activities. We guarantee compliance service and transparency at every step of the customs clearance process.
MOOV customs clearance service
As an expert of Sino-European logistics suppliers, MOOV has rich experience in customs clearance and can provide customers with import and export customs declaration, customs clearance and other services. We can handle customs clearance procedures for customers anytime, anywhere. Our aim is to provide customers with fast and smooth customs clearance services to ensure timely and safe delivery of goods to various ports around the world.
Customs clearance process
With the accelerated process of world economic integration, trade facilitation has also become one of the focuses of countries. Trade agreements, embargo rights, duties and customs fees, these agreements are subject to change. How to effectively reduce the time, cost and risk required in the circulation of goods? How to improve customs clearance efficiency? MOOV provides comprehensive standardized services and has strong support for the customs clearance process. In order to ensure the safety of goods and improve efficiency, we need to be able to respond quickly. We can use advanced technology to reduce risks, provide comprehensive business process support, assist in coordinating cross-border shipment transportation, and provide customers with efficient solutions. achieve their goals.
Tax refund service
MOOV Customs specialists can also provide you with the necessary tax refund services with full oversight, including internal controls and tax refund declarations (for certain taxes), tax refund preparation, analysis, submission to customs authorities and assistance in the audit process. Even if you no longer need to pay tax, you can file a tax return so you can recoup the overpaid tax.

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