Advantages of using containers for sea transportation

Ocean transportation is inseparable from the application of containers. Container transportation is a new type of logistics transportation. With the continuous improvement of my country’s economic level, people pay more and more attention to the problem of cargo safety, and the emergence of containers has effectively solved this problem and gradually expanded its application range. Therefore, many companies began to use containers for logistics transportation. What are the advantages of container shipping? MOOV will introduce you in detail.

Reduce shipping costs

To a large extent, the loading and unloading efficiency is high and the loading and unloading time is short. For the shipping company, it can increase the speed and reduce the transportation cost. For the terminal, it can improve the traffic capacity of the berth, thereby improving the throughput and income of the terminal. Moreover, during transportation, the packaging of the product can be simplified, which greatly saves the packaging cost and reduces the transportation cost.

Reduce cargo damage rate

Reduce the loss of goods and improve the quality of goods. The container is a solid box. When the goods are packed with lead seals, there is no need to unpack and turn them upside down on the way. At the same time, even if they are transported for a long distance or multiple times, they will not cause damage to the items in the box. In the process of large-scale movement, it can also reduce the damage of goods and the quality of goods caused by theft, moisture, contamination, etc., thereby producing huge social and economic benefits.

Multi type combination

Container transportation involves a wide range, many links, and great influence. It is a complex comprehensive transportation system project. When the goods are transported in the form of containers, the box is used as a unit, which can reduce the tedious operation links and simplify the loading and unloading procedures. Containers can be replaced between transportation modes without the need to move the goods in the boxes, thereby increasing the efficiency of the replacement work, and is suitable for intermodal transportation of various modes of transportation.

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