Want to enter the Chinese market but don’t know how? MOOV helps you every step of the way.


Don’t know the Chinese market, don’t know if the product will be loved? Don’t worry, the MOOV team has professional insight and local understanding to provide you with professional market research services to clear the obstacles caused by information asymmetry.

Not sure how to plan to cater to Chinese consumers? It doesn’t matter, MOOV helps you develop your brand strategy, besides that, we also provide brand identity design and Current shop optimization.


Want to increase sales in China but don’t have the time, energy or experience to do it? A piece of cake, MOOV can help you plan online and offline activities, do marketing evaluation, do public relations management, in addition to helping you do sales channel development and new product launch plans, we also provide budget and sales growth forecast services. Leave it to MOOV to help you operate and save you unnecessary time and energy.


Are you in a tight financial situation but still want to enter the Chinese market? Don’t fret. MOOV can not only help you research the market and do marketing, but also provide you with financial support. Apart from this, MOOV can provide you with payment solutions, as your local finance department, and can also help you shorten the payment period for upstream and downstream partners.

Central Coordination

We understand that every requirement is unique, so we aim to tailor the solution to your company to ensure effective results. With our modern warehousing solutions, international reach, professional insight and local knowledge. We provide end-to-end solutions from preparation to operational level for overseas and Chinese companies to build and sell brands in China.

Let MOOV be your professional Chinese local e-commerce team. We’ll help you simplify your journey and help you make the right decisions along the way. Saving your time and energy, allowing you to focus on developing your business.

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