Tested and trusted service

Modern supply chains are complex, especially when the quality of your product is crucial to the process. At MOOV, we have a tested and trusted proposition for you, whereby we remove all unexpected costs and quality concerns from your supply chain. Let us guarantee your quality as we have done successfully many times before.

Reliable inspections

The MOOV quality control procedure guarantees a thorough inspection by leverage our most trusted sample pickers who carefully select samples at random from your stock in our warehouse. This way we ensure unbiased selection of a sample for the inspection process.

Safe and impartial

MOOV works together with quality inspectors of your choice. We have worked with many partners in the past, including several fortune 500 inspection companies. We facilitate a safe, fair and impartial procedure within the confines of our quality control areas in our warehouses.

Our guarantee

  • Samples picked by expert & impartial pickers

    Our sample pickers are selected based on their trustworthiness. Besides that, we work with several fortune 500 companies. Through routine inspections and an airtight process, we ensure the integrity of this crucial process.

  • Inspections in a controlled environment

    The samples are subsequently inspected in a separate secure & controlled environment to guarantee the reliability of the process. For specialized goods or products we can work with independent specialists with knowledge and experience of your products.

  • Ship only the best quality

    Our MOOV quality control service guarantees that only the best quality goods make their way to their final destination.

Are you interested in having MOOV ensure on the best quality gets shipped to its final destination? Read our client cases, which is just one of many example of how we have served others in the past.

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