Digital Optimization of Railway Transport for a Global Electronics Retailer
Customer Background

The client is a globally renowned manufacturer and retailer of electronic products, with China being one of its main production hubs. Its factories are located across China, and its products are sold worldwide, especially in the European market. Additionally, the client adopts a zero inventory strategy, placing high demands on the timeliness and reliability of logistics. To meet timeliness requirements while balancing costs, customers primarily use a combination of sea and air freight and have long entrusted a single third-party logistics company with the management of all their logistics activities in China.

Why Choose MOOV

As business continues to expand, railway transportation, particularly refrigerated rail transport, and digital supply chain management, is increasingly valued by customers. MOOV, as one of the first providers to develop the China-Europe rail service, also has an in-house developed digital transportation management system. We promptly reach out to the client to offer solutions in railway transportation and digital management, providing a perfect complement to their existing supply chain.

Project Highlights
  • Custom Insulation Solutions: To meet the client’s needs for product insulation, especially under extreme cold conditions in Xinjiang, MOOV provided 45-foot insulated containers. Additionally, to control costs, MOOV suggested using insulating materials instead of expensive insulated containers during suitable seasons, successfully finding a balance between cost and effectiveness.
  • Rail Network Optimization: Leveraging a stable rail transport network, MOOV could optimize departure points based on the geographical distribution of the client’s factories, further reducing transport costs and enhancing efficiency.
  • Comprehensive GPS Tracking: MOOV offers full GPS monitoring services and generates automated transport reports daily based on client needs, promptly informing the client of the exact location of their goods.
  • Transport Control Tower: MOOV has a dedicated team to monitor train operations. If congestion is predicted at upcoming stations, it can unload goods early at a suitable station and coordinate truck transport to ensure timely delivery. For example, during the pandemic, facing congestion predictions in Germany, the decision was made to unload in Poland one station earlier and complete the final leg by truck, ensuring timely shelf stocking.
  • Strategies for Pandemic Challenges: Facing soaring sea freight costs and unavailable shipping schedules during the pandemic, the client’s demand for rail transport surged. MOOV provided reserved train services, flexibly controlling departure times to meet the client’s precise shelving needs. Additionally, in response to the increased demand for electronic products due to remote working, MOOV also arranged chartered airplane services to quickly meet urgent needs.
  • Digital Management and Optimization: MOOV regularly provides detailed logistics reports, helping clients precisely manage the storage times at both the shipping origins and destinations, as well as the arrangements for local freight, thereby facilitating a zero inventory strategy. Additionally, we offer robust data support to our clients when selecting sea, air, or rail transportation, empowering them to make smarter decisions in optimizing their overall logistics.

These customized logistic solutions have met the client’s high timeliness and reliability standards and provided crucial data support during the logistic challenges before and after the pandemic. We have major cooperative sites in China, including Chongqing, Xi’an, Yiwu, Zhengzhou, and Wuhan, covering major cities nationwide. All transport services integrate our proprietary digital supply chain management software, ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain management process. This not only makes your current logistic operations more efficient and accurate but also provides strong data support for the long-term optimization of your enterprise.

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