MOOV as your fiscal representative

EU regulations dictate that oversees companies who want to enter the EU market are required to set up a permanent office for fiscal representation. This is often a difficult and expensive ordeal. MOOV facilitates the responsibility of being your fiscal representative by using our company as your office.

Our fiscal service

The meaning of fiscal representation refers to the import/export VAT obligations for non-EU companies. Often these obligation pose a challenge in entering the EU-common market. The MOOV fiscal responsibility service offers non-residential businesses the same opportunities as EU businesses. Not only does it save the costs of a permanent office, it also reduces the amount of VAT that will be paid (due to EU regulations). Combined with our bonded warehouse options, your cashflow is greatly stimulated and allows entering the EU market with only limited investment.

MOOV will acts your tax representative in the Netherlands and the whole EU, arranging all the complicated tax rules and regulation and maximizing the fiscal advantages of the Netherlands. After all, entering the Netherlands is entering the EU. Contact us for how we can help your business expand into the EU market.



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