A new website

Moving towards Logistics 2.0 – New Logistics Approach

Here at MOOV, we pursue the transformative agenda of changing ordinary logistics into Logistics 2.0. Part of our transformation is redesigning of our website with improved usability, performance and appearance. We are therefore proud to present our new and restyled website. We have integrated the different services and features of the old website into a new more modern looking environment. It truly allows our company to have a website in line with our service and reputation. Our redesign shows you, our valued clients, accurately what our services are, what they entail and how they function in practice, you can be sure we are the right partners for your business. Our New Logistics Approach will surely help clients around the globe.

Our clients first

Our old-website suffered from a few difficulties. Most important, our clients could not easily find and access the online tools they need. We listened and reached the conclusion that if the old did not work, than lets move to something new. We believe in cooperation, meaning that our clients should not be hindered by unclear pages. In our new website, our design has specially been aimed at both our current and future client, meaning information can easily and quickly discovered. Alongside, we have centralised our the various digital tools in a single page, so that with a single click-of-a-button you find the page you need. Finally, we have given a modern, more approachable mood to our website, to move away from the formal style of ‘old’ logistics. To us, you are our partner, not a customer, and through our website we aim to carry that spirit across.

The new sitemap

In Logistics 2.0, a well-dressed website is crucial, so let us give you a short guide through our pages. First, the homepage has been completely redesigned with a panorama view of the Shanghai harbour, to show you in one blink the work we do. Underneath, you can immediately find the crucial IT tools for your business with a single click, as well as a short description of our company and our services. Moving further, the feedback of our clients and their most frequently asked questions. The other pages are divided into three categories, such as detailed insight into our various services, our service in action through our client cases, and an comprehensive introduction of our company. After all, you are not working with a business, you are working with people.

Equipped with a whole new website, MOOV is one step closer to realising our Logistic 2.0 goal. Please, let us invite you to browse our website, and perhaps see, how we can be of service to you.

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