E-Commerce – The market of yesterday is the platform of tomorrow

China is a global leader in online sales. Utilizing IOT, integrated applications and mobile payments, Chinese consumers increasingly buy their goods on large online e-commerce platforms, such as JD.com (Jingdong), WeChat, Tmall or Alibaba. This development has not gone unnoticed.

Our goal is to make your global expansion and your entrance into the Chinese market seamless. MOOV facilitates this by being your guide to setting up shop in China. Our extensive experience in the Chinese E-Commerce market including all of the partners involves provides you everything you need to know to get started in the Middle Kingdom.

Check out some of our client cases to see how we have helped western companies enter the Chinese market.

Bonded or non-bonded

MOOV offers E-commerce services in both a bonded or non-bonded capacity, adaptable your preference. Contact us to see which option best suits your business.

Manufacturer to customer

MOOV ensures complete supply chain services in which all logistics are handled, including transportation from manufacturer to our warehouses and distribution to customers.

Additional services

  • Quality control

    Upon arrival in our warehouse, MOOV can conduct thorough quality inspection, ensuring that only high-quality products are delivered to your customers.

  • Digital solutions

    MOOV supply chains enjoy the benefit of our being supported by our digital innovations, which improve the overview, control and overall management. Explore out modern solution in combination with our E-commerce service. For example, we are connected to every major e-commerce platform and courier service in China, making setting up shop seem easy.

  • Marketing & social media

    More so than anywhere else in the world, social media is incredibly important to your success in the Chinese market. Let us advise you on how to navigate these treacherous waters, ensuring your success in the long long.

  • Legal representation and trade finance

    Don’t have the time or money to investigate and setup your local entity in China? We’ve got you covered. MOOV can help you set up a legal entity or act as your legal representative. Furthermore, we can act on your behalf to pay local expenses or finance your activities in China just to name a few.

  • Complete customizable

    MOOV is praised by our desire to work with, not for, our clients. We offer complete customization to ensure that your logistic requests receive the ideal solution.