3PL & 4PL Logistic Services in China

MOOV supports businesses of all kinds , by providing 3PL and 4PL Logistic solutions to smoothly organize your supply chain. Whether it is a standard 3PL service, in which we arrange both transport and warehousing with all additional services, or the innovative 4PL service, in which we arrange the entire supply chain from manufacturer to client, all services are adjustable and scalable to your needs.

The value of supply chain optimization

As globalization continues to thrive, supply chains have grown larger, more complex and more crucial than ever before. A seamless supply chain with adjustable management is therefore vital to the success of modern businesses. Limited visibility, multiple parties, unclear responsibility and ineffective communications regularly become a dangerous bottle neck for expanding businesses.

Digital first

In all our capacities, we have a strong track record of assuring efficient and quality service modified to fully support your needs. To complement our continuous excellent service, we tirelessly innovate and develop smart IT solutions to streamlining both the process and information flow. In all of our supply chain services, our digital solutions provide insight, structure and transparency for both our client and their stakeholders. Whatever your supply chain concerns may be, let us resolve them for you.