Domestic & International Distribution

Reliable Distribution from our Warehouses to your Customers

MOOV facilitates Domestic & International Distribution. Whether it is distribution in Europe, China, or elsewhere globally, our MOOV network ensures smooth, efficient and quality distribution of your goods, both in bulk or by parcel, B2B or B2c, online or offline.

Our service encompasses all features of the logistic process, such as collection, repack, labeling, picking, packing and shipping.

Don’t have any operations yet in China? No problem, we can help you with setting up your entity, fulfillment centers, online sales channels and with complete Domestic & International Distribution Solution

Domestic & International Distribution – More than just delivery

The MOOV service always goes the extra mile for our clients. We provide warehouse storage and transportation including the checking, (re)labelling, assembling and sorting of your cargo at all of our state-of-the-art warehouses. Our service will take care of every aspect, from collection at the manufacturer, to import of export and the global or local distribution. Our cross-cultural expertise ensure seamless logistics.

At MOOV, we strongly believe in the importance of information and transparency. In our distribution service, you will also have a single point of contact who will personally update you on the status of your cargo and ensure no questions remain. Alongside, we offer valuable IT solutions aimed at streamlining information and process flows which we fully customise to your requirements.

In the past, we have assisted multiple businesses with our reliable distributions service. Are you interested how our service can compliment your business? Consider our client cases, to see how MOOV can make your business a success.